About Us

Webbum is a professional web development company situated in Toronto. We have helped many local businesses achieve success. It is our passion to develop successful, easy-to-use websites for local businesses and international clients. All projects are equally important to us, and we work hard to make sure that you are happy with the results. Your success is our goal!

We create modern corporate websites, make the public aware of your company, help you promote your services, develop e-commerce solutions for selling your goods online, take care of your website maintenance and backups, and so much more! Whether you need to advertise your company or products, or to build a website from scratch, we believe that we can meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

Investing in your website

We work with businesses, that are ready to invest at least $1,000 in their website, but keep the costs down and still receive a quality service. We even offer a per module pricing, so you can play with it, bring your investment amount down, if, for example, you don’t think many people will visit your website from mobile phones.

Lets say that you want to create an online presence for your company. In this case, your investment amount will be from $1,000 and up, based on your needs. However, if you are planning to sell your goods online, our scalable E-commerce solutions start from $1,500. And if you need to accept credit cards directly on your website, this additional module can raise the amount by up to $500.

Our team

Our company consists of experts in web development, web and graphic design, SEO, marketing, business analysis and content writing. We are a team that is working together to bring your projects to life and increase your business profits.

Roman Timochenko

Business development, Project manager

Roman makes sure that the project gets done by leading the development and working closely with clients.

Victor Chernov


Victor is a crucial part of the team. He is responsible for both the back and front-end development.

Satomi Yuguchi


Satomi is the one that makes the websites look modern and stylish. She has many years of experience in web-design, and applies this knowledge to keep every single project’s design clean and modern.

Michael Deeley

Graphic Designer

Michael is responsible for all-around graphic design. He designs brands, logos, has experience dealing with infographics. Webbum wouldn’t be what it is today without Michael.

Crito Alcantara

SEO specialist, Content writer

Crito is our Content and SEO specialist. He knows over 200 reasons of why your website may be ranking low in Google, and is willing to boost your SEO in order to help you achieve success. He is also a great article writer!

Of our clients subscribe to a web maintenance package

Of our clients benefit from our SEO services

Of our clients come back to us for their new projects

Of our clients let us manage their advertisement campaigns

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