VPS Hosting – Instant website loading

Why we recommend using a VPS

Virtual Private Server doesn’t cost much compared to having a dedicated server. It offers more protection, flexibility and freedom. Most importantly, it greatly improves your website performance. It even provides more system resources than a shared hosting environment. VPS is the best solution for both small and medium sized businesses that are looking to grow and for those who need more resources than what’s offered in a shared hosting environment. Therefore, VPS is the best value of all website hosting solutions which are offered today.

Why do you need a VPS

When your website loads fast, you will be providing an incredible experience to your users and they will remember this convenience. As a result, they will keep on coming back to your website and they will even spread the word about it and this will definitely help in boosting your site’s search engine rankings. If you are selling anything on your website, this will greatly help you in converting casual visitors to paying customers. So ensuring an error-free, speedy website will certainly help in the growth and development of your business.

Why not shared hosting ($5/mo)

If traffic to a specific website which is on the same server as yours increases, it will utilize more resources and cause delay to your website. This only means that your website’s performance is usually at the mercy of the other sites which are on the same server as yours. Aside from that, any issues such as viruses, malwares and hacker activities which are directed at a certain website could impact all the other accounts on the same server. Furthermore, users of shared web hosting are entirely dependent on the support given by their shared hosting company. This can lead to frustrations especially when the support is under par. Using shared hosting will cause issues for both you, the website owner, and your visitors which can possibly lead to the downfall of a business.

We will help you

When it comes to hosting your website on a VPS, you can trust us at Webbum. We are a professional company with a team of experts who are equipped with the right knowledge, skills and tools for providing the best VPS configuration for you to ensure fast loading times without any website issues. Our job doesn’t finish after configuring your website hosting because if you select our Budget Website Maintenance Package, we will keep on monitoring in case if any issues arise and we will fix them immediately. So all you have to do is to focus on your business and on making profit while we make sure that you and your visitors continue to comfortably use your website.

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